Community Biodiversity Survey

Ibis in Tip's Billabong
Ibis in Tip’s Billabong

Funding from the Environmental Trust Education Program was successfully secured and Envirokey was engaged to undertake comprehensive biodiversity surveys at Panboola. Steve Sass, Pronciple Ecologist, worked with Aimée Curtis, Project Coordinator, to involve Panboola volunteers in all survey processes. This included setting up hair tubes, Elliot traps, funnel traps, drift fencing and a motion activated infrared camera. Night surveys were well attended by Panboola volunteers who assisted with spotlighting and nocturnal call playback (everyone learned a lot and had great fun).

John, Bill, Aimee, Steve, Sam, Lois and Ray inspect funnel traps in the Waterbird Sanctuary

Snapshot of results

Mammals – 23 species recorded (19 native species/4 introduced)

Reptiles – 11 species recorded

Bats – 12 species recorded (including 3 listed as Vulnerable)

Read the full report for more details:

Envirokey report
Read Envirokey Report on the Panboola Community Biodiversity Survey (pdf)